Vodafone Vehicle Defence - Theft Tracking on Demand

Protect your asset to protect your business

Vodafone Vehicle Defence is a compact, covert, standalone theft tracking device. The fully enclosed unit has its own power supply that does not require recharging, maintenance or any external wiring. Vodafone Vehicle Defence provides GPS and GSM tracking for all types of assets such as cars, vans, fleets, motorbikes, scooters, trailers, caravans, agriculture, specialist equipment, and construction & plant machinery.


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Fit, Activate, Recover

The theft tracking device is easy to fit and can be concealed almost anywhere on any vehicle. Independent, small and light, the device can even be hidden on a motorcycle, providing complete peace of mind for assets. Perfect for a fleet, the completely independent device can also be transferred between vehicles or other assets.

Once fitted, Vodafone Vehicle Defence is maintenance free and includes a one or two year subscription to the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre (VASOC). Unique to this type of tracking device, Vodafone Vehicle Defence uses both GPS satellite technology and GSM triangulation technology over the Vodafone network to find an assets position. Dual band coverage enables reliable cross border coverage for 49 countries. 

Vodafone Vehicle Defence reports the vehicle’s location to Vodafone Automotive every day. If a vehicle is stolen however, the device can be enabled to remain active, constantly transmitting the vehicle’s location to the VASOC. Operatives liaise directly with local police forces in local language to track and recover the vehicle.

In the UK, almost 70,000 vehicles stolen in 2014' just 1% had a tracking device fitted*. Recovery rates remain relatively low


Why Vodafone Automotive?

Designed by a team with more than 20 years’ experience of vehicle security and telematics, Vodafone Vehicle Defence uses the established Vodafone network to offer a proactive tracking system for all types of vehicle.

Vodafone Automotive operates globally with coverage in 49 countries.


*Office of National statistics, Vehicle Crime, 2013-2014


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