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The Issue

Vehicle theft in the UK is a growing problem for fleet operators. Having a vehicle stolen can cause significant disruption and financial damage, not to mention claims on insurance policies, increasing premium costs and stress for individuals and businesses.

In 2014, almost 70,000 vehicles were stolen in the UK but just 1%* had a tracking system fitted; recovery rates of stolen vehicles remain low. With fleet operations, the chances of recovery are reduced further, as a considerable amount of time can pass before a vehicle is reported stolen and then a further amount of time for a replacement vehicle to arrive. For some models, this could even be a few months.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems are proven to improve recovery rates dramatically, but potential cost and complexity have previously prevented many owners and operators from installing tracking systems to vehicles. Vodafone Vehicle Defence resolves these issues directly, making stolen vehicle tracking an accessible option and greatly improving the chances of recovering a valuable asset.

The compact, light weight, fully enclosed device is easy to fit covertly in/on any vehicle, and without external wiring, it can be transferred between vehicles.

Solutions for fleet partners

  • Small and light, it can be installed almost anywhere on any vehicle
  • Fully enclosed device does not require any external wiring
  • Easy fit, standalone unit
  • Transferable between assets
  • Cost effective device is ideal for fleets of leasing and rental vehicles
  • Daily vehicle location reports allow vehicles to be traced, even if they are reported stolen retrospectively
  • Device can be enabled to constantly report vehicle location for live asset tracking
  • Reliable technology – uses both GSM and GPS technology with the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Network
  • True, cross border coverage with police liaison in local language in 49 countries
  • Developed by a team of experts with more than 20 years’ experience of vehicle security and telematics
  • Supported by Vodafone Automotive customer service and support

With the device fitted, the vehicle’s location is reported to Vodafone Automotive every day, but can be enabled to remain active, constantly transmitting the vehicle’s location to the Vodafone Secure Operating Centre. Using GPS and GSM positioning technology, assets can be tracked cross border in 49 countries, with operatives liaising directly with local police forces in local language to track and recover the vehicle.

Designed by a team with more than 20 years’ experience of vehicle security and telematics, Vodafone Vehicle Defence uses the established Vodafone network to offer a proactive tracking system for all types of vehicle.


*Office of national statistics, Vehicle Crime 2013-2014